ames_comparchsiteI’ve recently completed my MA in Anthropology and am now doing my PhD at McGill University. I fancy myself an archaeologist but there is still a lot to do before I should officially call myself one. I’ve been involved with projects in British Columbia, Quebec, and Jordan – sites ranging from a couple thousand to more than 250,000 years old. You can find the details of my research projects here or you can check out my lab website, the McGill Computational Archaeology Laboratory, here.

To put it simply, I get way too excited about anything related to human variability and its evolution. This includes anything from population genetics to the different food traditions across the globe.

I am also interested in the position of archaeology in its contemporary context. This has pushed me, somewhat unexpectedly, into the issues surrounding heritage legislation, cultural resource management/salvage archaeology, data accessibility and integration, and public/community outreach.

Somehow this all fits together…

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