As an archaeology graduate student I find myself doing a lot of thinking. Mostly about the origin of our species and the evolution of human behaviour over the past few million years – you know, the simple questions.

I used to put all these thoughts and ideas in a hand written notebook until I realized it was a huge waste of time and energy. I would rarely read through my notebooks, and when I did search for something, I rarely found what I was looking for. A few years back I evolved and built a database for my notes. Now, even though I am organized – or appear to be – my thoughts remain tucked away on a personal hard drive. For me, the next logical step is a blog. It’s basically the same as a my notes database but open to the public for comments.

The incentive for the blog comes from my belief that research should be made available to as many people as possible – if people don’t hear about it, why spend the money to do it?. Although I don’t expect this blog to reach the masses, it’s better than hoarding the information on my personal computer. And, at the very least, it forces me to put my thoughts into some form of preliminary written argument.

So that being said, here is where I will post my thoughts, opinions, perceptions, and reactions to the study of human behaviour, past and present. The types of things that, when contemplated, make you lean back in your chair and light The Unsavoury Pipe….if this doesn’t make sense you should read more literature because you’re missing out…or for immediate satisfaction you could just google ‘the unsavoury pipe’.

Happy reading and don’t be shy to leave comments.


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